Who We Are

Equal Footing is looking to revolutionize the way children with disabilities learn.  We are not an education company.  We are not a technology company.  Rather, Equal Footing looks to marry these two worlds to provide children, parents and educators with tools that will facilitate daily life and increase independence.

In a marketplace that is growing at an exponential rate, the landscape is littered with fragmented solutions that address facets of the needs of children with disabilities.  Equal Footing looks to change that landscape and serve as a single resource where parents can go to receive consistent education, information and support that will help to improve the lives of their children.

Given the emergence of the table PC and other portable mobile devices, Equal Footing eschews the burdens of creating devices to carry our product.  Equal Footing will work with the industry standards and serve as a software platform for the iPad.  The applications and platform will support different modes of learning whether it be visual, auditory or interactive.  Our approach to product development is that one size fits all doesn’t work.  Our programs will be customizable to the needs of the user.

Our objective is to provide our customers with an unmatched user experience.  Our software will promote social development as well as traditional educational aspects through modeling, activities and games.  Enjoyment, flexibility and freedom is our ultimate goal, however it will be tempered with discipline and regiment.  The balance of these elements is infinitely variable and is decided by the parent, not Equal Footing.  In addition to the user experience, Equal Footing will also provide the parent a completely new way to interact and observe their child while away and share critical development information with the child’s teacher.  When combined, Equal Footing will provide a network that connects parents, teachers and children to the information most needed for the development of the child.